Teens in the New Millennium

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Teens in the New Millennium

By: Jordana Barbuto


Bing a part of the generation brought up in the new millennium brings new experiences and trends that help shape the minds of teens all over the world.

Employment in the 2000's has hit a decrease because of the always evolving technology in today's society. Workers are constantly faced with layoffs because companies are designing or purchasing machines to replace manual workers. This is happening in companies because of the rising cost to keep people employed. Minimum wage is always increasing to keep up with the publics demand for money and as a result companies are finding cheaper ways to keep their businesses afloat. Although this is happening, it is integrating it's was into our society slowly so it is still important to get a good job, but this can only be achieved by having a good education.

In today's society education is on the top of everyone's list.

Getting a good education is extremely important to get stable and profitable employment. Education in the 2000's doesn't stop at high school. Schooling generally includes high school diploma and a university degree. In most cases a person's education won't stop after university, when completed one will typically look for employment while taking extra credit courses to better themselves for work and to make them more appealing to a potential employer.

Compared to the entrainment from the past, not a lot has changed. Today's teens listen to music, watch TV shows, movies but the biggest difference is the use of the computer and the internet. Teens use the internet as a way to connect with people all over the world. Such websites as My Space are popular with teens, but now the new phenomenon is a website called Facebook. Both My Space...