Teen Suicide

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Teen suicide has had a substantial growth in the past couple of years. It is now one of the most common ways for a teen to die. It is the third leading cause of death for teens from the ages of 15-24 . The issue of teen suicide has been around for a long time. It is usually caused by stress and in a sense teen suicide has been around since children have been getting stress put onto them more and more. Teen suicide is a very common issue. As I stated before it is the third leading cause for the deaths of teens from the ages of 15-24.

If you think that only teens are at risk of teen suicide then you are completely wrong. The parents of the children who do commit suicide are also at risk and are almost always affected. Parents can suffer from psychological problems.

They can blame themselves and then later attempt to commit suicide as well. Parents can also fall into a deep depression and suffer from mental problems. It is not just the teens that are affected but the parents as well.

Teen suicide is caused by several different things. One of the major reasons why teens commit suicide is because of stress or pressure. Most people don't realize how stressful a teen's life really is. Teens receive stress or pressure from just about everything. They receive stress from their parents, puberty, the opposite sex, other teens, getting a job, but most of all school. The stress or pressure that teens receive from their parents is in a way intergraded with school. Most parents expect their children to do the best and be the best in their school. This puts a large amount of stress on the teen to perform well academically.