Technological Developments on Weapons of Mass Destruction

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The earliest forms of WMD's were developed by the ancient Greek hero Hercules after he slew the multiheaded Hydra. Adrienne Major argues that

" stepping his arrows in the monsters venom, Hercules created the first biological weapons."

Toxic arrows were the terror weapons of the Bronze Age.

Adrienne Major states that

"Almost as soon as they were created, poison weapons set the motion of the relentless train of tragedies for Hercules and the Greeks - not to mention their enemies the Trojans."

Even the rulers of ancient India used any means necessary in the Arthashastra, the Brahman military strategist advised the use of poison.

The Hittites back in 1500 BC used plague victims to the land of the enemies.

The expression Weapons of Mass Destruction originally came from Robert Whealey, in the London Times in 1937 describing a German air force attack in Spain, on the town of Guernica and killing a third of the population.

This expression was then used to describe the atomic and hydrogen bomb after World War 2.

Over the past half a century the term wmd means different thing type of weapons and usage.

Heads of State and Government, 1994 NATO Summit, held in Brussels, quoted


WMD "is a generic term for radio-nuclides, biological and chemical agents or materials, and their delivery means produced or used for non-peaceful purposes and whose effects can cause large numbers of casualties and/or large-scale material damage.] And their delivery means constitutes a threat to international security and is a matter of concern to NATO".

Produced by the Monterey Institute's Center for Nonproliferation Studies

WMD = NW + BW + CW

:-The most widely used definition of "weapons of mass destruction" in official U.S. documents is "nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons." updated May...