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We have all heard the old quote, “there is no I, in team.” A team can not work or function with just one single person. It takes each person with in the teams dedication and work to make a team successful. No team with accomplish the main goal and/or objective with out everyone putting their effort forth. Each person with in the team is assigned a role and responsibility that they are to accompanied by until the completion of the team. Roles of members need to be addressed and should be assigned as soon as the team is made. A team should preferably be smaller than ten people and occasionally there will be more than one person assigned some of the same roles. Once roles and responsibilities are assigned each person in team should know their specific role and responsibility and what is to be expected of them and from them.

There are typically four different types of roles that should be assigned to group members.

First role that should be assigned is the role of the team leader. The team leader is responsible for moving the team in the right direction to accomplish the main goal and/or task. Team leaders should ensure that each team member has a role and that they know their responsibility. They should be making sure that the work of the team gets done. Team leaders are responsible for obtaining and getting the resources needed for the team, such as the meeting place, tools needed, and that the members know where they are to go, what they are to do and when to do it, to accomplish the main objective.

Second role that will be assigned is of the facilitator. The facilitator is responsible for keeping everyone on track and to try to...