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I conducted research on the current perception of Tasty Baking Company. Baker Philip J. Baur and egg salesman Herbert T. Morris founded this company in 1914. Morris' wife said that these products were "tasty", thus having Tastykakes. Tasty Baking Company has grown from only having revenue of $222 in its first week to $300,000 in the first year, and now making over $255 million a year. Tastykake products are sold in four states and can be purchased over the Internet in 49 states.

In conducting research on the current customer perception of Tastykakes, we decided to conduct a survey to residents in Northampton and Lehigh County in Pennsylvania. This area follows the geographic, demographic, and psychographic trends of the United States. This area has a total population of 579,156 people. This area is mainly rural and suburban with the major cities being Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton.

Even though Tasty Baking Company has a good reputation, we wanted to know what customers wanted so that the current customer perception could be improved.

We found out these answers by conducting a ten question survey. In this survey, we asked participants to rank Tastykakes to its three leading competitors, what appealed most about Tastykakes, how they could be better, how they became aware of Tastykakes, and where people were most likely to purchase Tastykake products.

From the data collected we were able to make observations and conclusions. From the observations and conclusions, a proposed time line and budget was created with goals and objectives. We decided to divide Tasty Baking Company's fiscal year into four quarters. Each quarter will consist of three months and have a specific purpose:

The first quarter will be used as preparation for the rest of the year. Here we will do all of the promotional planning. The...