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In reading Camus's essay I was very intrigued by his ideas and beliefs. I have actually never read an article in which someone so well criticized the world today, but at the same time provided a means to where it should go and an overall attitude adjustment in which today's society should take in order to move globally into a whole new perspective of living. Camus talked much in this essay about fear and how both fear and history has seemingly driven the world to what it is today. The basis of our very society seems to stand mostly on fear, fear of terrorism, fear of the unknown, even fear of our neighbors, and I am with him when he states that this is something in which our world should not be based on. Also mentioned in his essay was murder, and conflicts both within a nation and outside of a nation.

The way we legitimize murder I agree is at the least disgusting, the fact that one person can have such disregards for a thing as great as one humans life is horrible. The fact that in war one kind of murder may not be justifiable, however the murder of 100,000 others is, doesn't cease to baffle me. The justification of murder simply is not acceptable/

In reading Camus's essay I couldn't agree more with his thoughts and beliefs. The only way it seems that the only way the world we live in today is going to further itself and be made more humanistic is if we can better ourselves as a whole and a number of people can step up and make a surefire effort at a more realistic approach. The world shouldn't be based on fear and history; it should be based on bettering mankind...