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Those who oppose legalizing marijuana tell us that legalizing it would be seriously detrimental. Are they looking at the facts? Or do they just believe the same myths that our parents created when they were trying to stop us from becoming drug addicts? Let&rsquos take a closer look at the facts.

Violence surrounding drug dealing would be lessened by legalizing marijuana because small time drug dealers would essentially be forced out of business. Larger companies who could produce high quality marijuana at lower cost would prevail. Most people would buy from these companies because they would know the product was free of adulterants and would contain no poisons. Wars between dealers of marijuana would end, and the sale of marijuana could be monitored by government the same way as essentially any other legitimate business. Sellers would be made accountable and a culture of responsibility would be formed. Desperate acts of theft and violence associated with its distribution would disappear as the black market disappears.

Additionally, marijuana abusers who are currently being forced to live a life of shame and secrecy could openly seek help.

Dangerous drugs such as crack cocaine and LSD are consistently placed in the same category as marijuana. These drugs are admittedly dangerous, but research has never been able to identify a link between crime and marijuana.

Countless Americans have been branded as criminals and thrown into prison for merely possessing or smoking marijuana. Truly violent criminals are often paroled early for sheer lack of prison space because users of marijuana occupy the space. Why not leave the rapists and murderers in prison and let marijuana users engage in a relatively mild form of personal stimulation? Marijuana is safe and effective for medical use. Studies have proven that it is effective in reducing nausea and vomiting and...