Tableau and Mime.

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Tableau and Mime

Webster's Dictionary difines Tableau as a striking incidental scene when all the performers freeze on stage in position and then resume action as before, and it defines Mime as the art of portraying characters and acting out situations or a narrative by gestures and body movement without the use of words. In this essay I willportray what I have learned about the two, my strengths and weakneses in both, and my likes and dislikes between the two.

I have learned a lot from the two techniques. From tableau I have learned to use different levels when creating the scene. During the scenes I remembered to over exagerate my facial expression so that it is clear to the audience to what I am doing. Body control and positioning is also a vital, body control is imoport because during the freezes of a tableau it is important not to move.

Positioning is important for a variety of reasons: for instance, the distance between two people can show a lot; when the distance between two people is short it can mean that there is a positive close relationship, as for when the distance is far it could mean a negative hatred relationship or no relationship at all. The positioning must also be setup facing the crowd so that it is visible to the whole audience to see what is happening. From mime I have learned to always have a over exagerated face so that it it noticible to the audience of the mood and scene that I am doing. It is important to always be facing the audience while doing everything so it is visible to everyone of what u are doing and seening ur facial expression and body language while doing it. Body language and control is another important...