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Systems Solution

Malone Savings and Loan Association is a family owned and operated financial institution established in 1981. We employ approximately 200 associates and service 300+ customers. In order to maintain a competitive edge with the larger financial institutions, the management has decided to implement a "Star" customer rewards program. In an effort to incorporate this new program into our current database, a new systems program must be put into practice that will project customer interest.

Malone's Savings and Loans present need is for a computer program with the capability of distinguishing premier clients from traditional customers. The current system requirement is for a resource that will work with our customer database and identify those clients whose criteria meet our preset specifications of a "premier customer". This resource will allow our representatives to pursue additional customer sales opportunities. Recently errors by our sales representatives include offering products that a customer may not benefit from.

For example, why offer a customer that has a negative balance in their checking account, a savings account, when obviously the customer can not maintain a positive balance in their checking. The bank has also been soliciting customers for loans, certificate of deposits, and savings when these customers financial status do not qualify for these services. This type of error reiterates our need to find a system that can prefect our search in locating premier clients. One of the current systems being considered as a solution is Customer Assist. This program is design to categories customers based on years with the bank, funds in their account, credit, past fee refunds, and average balance.

The main focus of this project is to implement software that can project customer interest. Lifestyles interest and needs are unique. That is why a competitive banking center must offer various...