System of Globalization. We are the Leaders in this post Cold-War system

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America's Role in the System of Globalization


"If you look at globalization as the dominant international system today, and you look at the attributes that both companies and countries need to thrive in this system, you have to conclude that America has more assets, and fewer liabilities, in relation to this system than any other major country" (Friedman 368).

"While the distinction between what is globalization and what is Americanization may be clear to most Americans, it is not--unfortunately--to many others around the world" (Friedman 382).

"We Americans are the apostles of the Fast World, the enemies of tradition, the prophets of the free market and the high priests of high tech. We want "enlargement" of both our values and our Pizza Huts. We want the world to follow our lead and become democratic, capitalistic, with a web site in every pot, a Pepsi on every lip, Microsoft Windows in every computer and most of all--most of all--with everyone, everywhere, pumping their own gas" (Friedman 384).

Every nation in the world plays a part in globalization. Whether it be a large role, or a minimal role, globalization affects every country. America plays the largest role in globalization, leading other nations in the new system. Although there is no doubt some confusion among some in other parts of the world, there is a vast difference in globalization and Americanization.

In the second half of the book, Thomas Friedman explains America's role in the system of globalization in detail. One insightful example he uses is the "five gas stations theory of the world" (Friedman 379). He explains that the world's economies can be reduced currently to five different types of gas stations. Although some of them offer job

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security and no self-serve at the pump, America's gas station...