Sydneysiders and the Sea

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Sydneysiders and the Sea

Sydney, Australia; what is so special about this place that is keeping its people so planted? Is it the bridge? Or is it the Opera House? These cannot be the motives for Sydneysiders to be so set in this city. It has to be nothing other than the bond between these folks and the sea. It is the dazzling, striking waters of the Sydney harbour and the fresh, unavoidable seafood.

The Sydney harbour has become part of Sydneysiders' lives. The harbour is situated in the heart of the city and it reminds and gives people the unique sensation that they are in Sydney. "And that's why I always come back from the airport the long way around, under the bridge. So I'm confronted with the harbour; then I know I'm back in Sydney", says Len Evans. They are very associated with it because they are affected by it everyday.

Some take the ferry to work, some swim and play, sit by it or sight see it for pleasure, some eat in the restaurants by it and watch the ships dock. It is also called the magical harbour for it has pulled its people so close like a magical spell was cast. This dashing region of the sea means a lot to Sydneysiders and it certainly is a big part of their lives.

Food is a great factor that has affected Sydneysiders besides the harbour. Who would resist sea crabs, fish and oysters? Who would want to leave a city that is filled with these mouth-watering items? You can see what an advantage it is to live in a city like Sydney. Sydney has its fish market the second largest in the world and it sells 65 tonnes of fish everyday. Sydneysiders have a very...