Sweden facts and figures.

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sweden is one of the countries that are located in northern europe, and is the largest, its official name was the kingdom of sweden.Its capital is stockholm which is the largest city that lies on the east coast. More than half of the countries land is covered by forests and the rest is mainly farmland. their is also lakes and snow covered mountains and off shore islands. sweden is a land of striking physical and visual contrasts. it is a highly urbanized nation, with a population of 8,928,761. The climate and land are of sweden usually gets southwesterly winds and their summers are mildly hot and along with mild winters.

ninety percent of the land is privately owned. it is a highly industrialized nato, its economy is based on advanced engineering and service industries.

the exports are greatly valued products in sweden, they get large amounts of paper products and the y get no paper imports.

although sweden imports bigger amouns of petrleum.

the swedish goverment requires children from seven to sixteen to attend school up until after their high school year. sweden has some of the richest iron ore deposits in the world, most which is mined near kiruna in lapland is exported. steel is also widely produced. they have many popular sports, in which skiing and hockey are popular winter sports, soccer swimming sailing and tennis in the summer and spring.

for their holidays they have major festivals to show off their spirit. on december thirteenth they celebrate st. lucia day where young girls dress in all whit with a crown of evergreen leaves, between june nineteenth and the twenty sixth they celebrate the return of summer where they stay up all night.

Swedes that lost their jobs recieve unemployment benefits. they pay high taxes...