Supported or Pressured? An Examination of Agreement Among Parent's and Children on Parent's Role in Youth Sports.

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The purpose of this study was to support other research that an adolescence reactions, sports behavior and participation are directly influenced by their parent's attitude and behavior. In addition, it also examines the parents by examining the quality and quantity of involvement in the adolescence involving sports. The researchers wanted to find out that if adolescences perceptions of pressure and support by the parent had an impact on the level of enjoyment. In addition, they also looked at if an adolescent and their parent agreed on the amount and quality of involvement by the parent. Lastly, they looked at whether the measures of parental support and pressure would predict enjoyment of sports participation by the adolescent. This study’s main focus was to find the impact of parent’s beliefs and behaviors on an adolescences sport involvement and enjoyment,The researchers expected that there would be a direct link from parents to adolescence involving sports participation and enjoyment.

They were able to predict this because of the numerous of articles of research that show compelling evidence that the impact of sport on an adolescent is directly related to the mother or fathers enjoyment, involvement, participation, and support at many levels. Several studies have confirmed the purpose of this study that positive parental involvement and behavior is related to a positive experience by the adolescent.

The results presented, illustrated the pressure by fathers had a negative effect on an adolescence involvement in hockey. In addition, the results illustrated that the perception of the amount of pressure that the adolescent perceived and the amount of pressure the parents imposed was dramatically different. Parents do not feel that they are putting a lot of pressure on their child athlete, but in reality the athlete feels a tremendous amount of pressure to do well and succeed to...