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There are many things you can use to improve your game of tennis such as shock absorbers or overgrips. However, there are three things that are mandatory to have in order to play the game of tennis including a racquet, court, and balls.

First of all, you need a racquet in order to play tennis. There are many racquets to choose from including head, prince, and wilson. It doesn't matter which racquet you choose, its all about preference. If you are tall, you may want a longer racquet, but if you are short you may want a shorter racquet. Also, the stronger you are, the heavier your racquet needs to be. Some people tend to hit the ball better if the racquet is balanced, however, others hit the ball better if the head of the racquet is heavier. Some people like the strings on the racquet to be really tight for more power, but others may want them looser for more control.

Like I said, its all about preference.

Second of all, you need balls in order to play tennis. There are many different kinds of balls such as wilson or prince, just to name a couple. Some balls weigh more than others, but they are generally about the same no matter what kind of ball you purchase.

Third of all, you need a court to play on. There are different kinds courts to choose from such as clay or hard. Hard courts are generally used by more advance players because the ball hits faster and has short reaction time. The clay courts are generally used by beginners because when the ball hits, it is slowed down by the clay giving the beginner plenty of time to react.

As you can see, without a racquet, balls, or a court, it is impossible to play the game of tennis. Of course, there are many other things that are used when playing, but without these three things, it is impossible to play.

This was an essay completely written by myself. I used my own knowledge for this essay.