"Superstitions of the dark ages"

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Long ago in the Dark Ages, there were many superstitions. There were the myths of health and hygiene. The accusations made of witchcraft. Also all the tales of black cats, angels, mermaids, vampires, and many more told in that period of time. All the stories told to keep the peoples minds on something rather than their hard unfair lives.

Medical knowledge was way less than we have today. So there were many superstitions on health and hygiene. Peoples believed you could get disease from bad odors. Also peoples were so godly maybe because they believed you got diseases of the body, from sinning of the soul. They had to use non-medical methods. Such as meditating and praying. They viewed the body as part of the universe. If certain parts were changed they thought it would change their personalities.

Many poor souls were condemned to be witches. They were persecuted in brutal ways.

Thousands if not millions of innocent peoples died because of these stupid accusations. The church thought these supposed witches would directly threaten the churches doctrine. Some people regard themselves as witches. Theres been much discussion whether they existed or not.

Cats suffered horribly during the witch-hunts, which fostered all kinds of superstition. It was thought that a cult was worshipping a devil, in the form of a black cat. In a fire festival they had public burnings of cats, so sad. About Angels, there were many visions of them. There was said to be many sightings of mermaids along the British Isles in the sixteenth and seventeenth century. It was the belief that vampires were spirits who left their tombs at night to torment the living. There were real men who dedicated their lives to hunting vampires.

So to believe or not to believe was...