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Leadership to some is a blessing other's it is a curse; some are made to lead others to follow, although at some time in life every person must step up to a leadership role. Whatever a person is made for and whatever leadership style or abilities each person may possess the fact remains that leadership is a necessary part of survival and each individual will have to show some leadership traits or abilities whenever that time comes. Although their time for leadership may not come form sitting at the head of a major corporation or leading troops into battle a may simply be from teaching their children write from wrong, or being a community leader whatever the circumstance may be when that time comes at that time the traits of those leaders who came before us will shine through if not each person must have an idea of the traits and abilities that their ideal leader must possess what ever the ideal leadership characteristics maybe this paper is a compilation of all of those characteristics that make up a good leader for an ideal "super leader" based on a compiled list.

When a person pictures a leader there are many thoughts of what characteristics a good leader should have, and what exactly makes the person a good leader. The traits displayed by a good leader should standout amongst the character of the person strengthening those traits that have made them stand out as a leader, those should also complement the leader's abilities and show signs of constant improvement in areas of deficiency, they also need to be present in every aspect of the person's life. The willingness for constant improvement and change for the better of the company and looking into the interest of...