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Holes is about a boy named Stanley Yelnats who has a curse on his family. But all his luck changes when he goes to camp Greenlake and meets Hector Zeroni who is nick named zero because he doesn't know how to read or write. Camp green lake is a boot camp for kids who have committed a crime. In camp Green Lake Stanley's nick name is caveman.

Stanley is the main character of Holes, although he is an unlikely hero. He is an overweight boy who does not have any friends from school and is often picked on by his classmates and the school bully, Derrick Dunne. Stanley's family is cursed with bad luck and although they do not have much money they always try to remain hopeful and look on the bright side of things. Stanley shares these traits with his family and although he does not have a lot of self-confidence, he is not easily unhappy, a characteristic that helps him adjust to the terrible conditions of Camp Green Lake.

As the book goes on, Stanley slowly develops physical strength and personal strength. He identifies the people who threaten him, like the Warden, and while he tries not to get in trouble he also stands up for his own right and the rights of his friends. Stanley slowly develops the self-confidence necessary to ignore the opinions of the majority of the boys and form a friendship with Zero, the least popular kid in the camp. Although the cruelty of those around him in the beginning causes Stanley to become hard and treat Zero with disrespect, he eventually realizes that what he is doing and he and Zero form a strong friendship. They each make sacrifices for one another and by the time that he leaves Camp Green Lake,