Suicide, an ongoing problem (talks about college suicides along with warning signs)

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Suicide is an ongoing problem that plagues people, especially teenagers and college students worldwide. It is a devastating problem to our culture and society. Suicide is a problem many schools and families face and it is hard to find a solution.

Why does suicide target so many young adults? Stress is a major factor that can lead to suicide when the world's problems cannot be coped with. There are many other contributing factors that can leave people feeling that death is the only solution. Life is not always easy and college students especially can become overwhelmed. Tuition is a requirement to be able to receive an education, which requires many students to be employed and juggle their schoolwork.

Suicide rates are slowly decreasing but the rates are still extremely high. How can this problem be prevented or noticed before it turns into a fatality? High schools and colleges should provide a more intense out reach program for those who show signs of depression or severe anxiety.

Education on these topics will also help the person feel less isolated when they know they are not the only one dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. Teachers of all grades should also pay closer attention to warning signals and not leave it up to guidance counselors only.

I believe the state should fund a program to help all administrative staff in every school understand and know how to notice thoughts of suicide and depression. If people knew what to look for and were able to help a student in a compassionate and understanding way they may be able to prevent suicide in many cases.

There is no solution to this problem that targets many people, but the harder we, as a community, try to understand, the solution will come much easier. Out-reach...