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English 101

October 30, 2002

What is Success?

According to the dictionary, success is gaining a favorable result, a wishful ending, or good future. However, the true meaning of success varies from person to person. My definition of success may not be the same as the next person's, but to me, there is one thing that signifies success. That one factor is to use what you have to get what you want, or need.

Every person has some goal or dream they want to achieve. Whether it is major or minor, there is something each individual sets out to do. For instance, mothers want to raise healthy children, and businessmen want to make certain quotas. The goal can also be as simple as wanting to lead a productive life, or getting an "A" on your next school assignment. Whatever the objective there is always something every being wants to attain.

By the same token, every person is not equipped with the same amount of resources to achieve certain goals. To explain, some people are born into wealth and everything they need and want is provided for them. Furthermore, if at any time they want to accomplish a goal, resources are readily available to them. Meanwhile, others aren't as lucky. The unfortunate must work for all they need and want to obtain. To go on, some individuals aren't as blessed with the mental capacity to attain particular goals. So, to reach these targets they are forced to rely upon the assets that they do possess.

Though physical and mental resources are not evenly distributed, success is achieved by using what you have to get what you need and want. So, if you feel it's hard for you to grasp concepts, yet you still want an "A" on your...