Student Information System Request For Proposal

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Student Information System Request For Proposal

Prepared for WestSide Elementary

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March 9, 2008

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Student Information System Request for Proposal

WestSide Elementary, District 123, wishes to implement a Student Information System (SIS). WestSide Elementary encompasses grades K through 5, which includes two self contained gifted classrooms and two special needs classrooms for autistic children. The enrollment is approximately 500 children and there are 35 teachers and support staff currently at the school. The successful system should be easy to navigate and require minimal web experience for external audiences.

School Profile

WestSide Elementary school is one of west Springfield's finest treasures. Built in 1959 with renovations and additions in 1976 and 2002, WestSide Elementary has an outstanding reputation for student achievement. The faculty is a dedicated group of educators that strive to meet the needs of all learners. At WestSide a nurturing learning environment with an emphasis on developing lifelong learners provides high standards of excellence for all children (Springfield Public Schools, 2008).

WestSide serves as the home base for two of our district's special education programs. The autistic program serves the special needs of children identified with autism spectrum disorder. The gifted program serves students identified as gifted. In addition, the interrelated classroom serves students with other special learning needs (Springfield Public Schools, 2008).

WestSide Elementary's organizational structure is based upon a line and staff structure. The primary authority is Tammy McKean, principal of WestSide Elementary, overseeing five departments consisting of approximately 90 personnel.

It is our shared vision that all students be proficient in a standards-based curriculum that is challenging, relevant, integrated and shared with the community. Staff will enhance students' performance using research-based instructional strategies that include multiple intelligences, hands-on and real world experiences. Assessment data...