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Dallas County and Grayson County are greatly diverse from each other. The information pulled from the U.S. Census Bureau shows such a large difference between the two counties, mostly because Dallas County is so much more a urban, a metropolitan area, more industrialized county than Grayson County, which is very rural more agricultural. The information found was interesting and informative on both counties. Among the information reviewed, were social characteristics such as education and fertility among teens. Economic characteristics discussed involved households below poverty levels, difference in blue collar, white collar, and agricultural workers. Housing characteristics involved were owner occupied homes valued less than $50,000, and housing structure type occupancy.

Social CharacteristicsIn Dallas County the percentage of individuals with a Bachelors degree is 26.2% compared to the 17.9% in Grayson County . This shows that Dallas County has about 9% more individual with Bachelor degrees. Also the percent of high school graduates in Grayson County is 81.7%

as in Dallas County it is 74.4% which is a 7% difference. It shows that in Dallas County there are less high school graduates and more dropouts than in Grayson County . The smaller county, Grayson County , has a larger part of their county with a high school education population, but a smaller group with a Bachelor where as in the larger county, Dallas County ; they have such a low population of high school graduates and a greater with Bachelor degrees.

Also viewed was the fertility rate among teenagers between the ages of 15-19 years of age. In Dallas County there is 39, 990 women between the ages of 15- 50, who had a birth in the last 12 months and out of that for each 1,000, 52 of these women were between the ages of 15-19 years old. In...