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Kudler Fine Foods has long been the fine foods gourmet market choice in the Southern California area. In order to maintain its edge however, the company needs to assess its strategies using information technology as a tool and look for innovative ideas to take advantage of new and improved technological advances. Kudler Fine Foods also must maintain its status as a supplier of unique products and services. By recognizing the business tactics it currently uses, Kudler Fine foods can focus on increasing these tactics and expanding the use of new tactics. Through the constant monitoring of activities of gourmet market industry, Kudler Fine Foods will identify innovative ways that will allow them to enhance their strategy.

TechnologyTechnology is the innovation, change, or modification of the natural environment to satisfy perceived human needs and wants. Implementing this innovation for Kudler Foods to use designed information systems can change the manner in which business is done through achievement of strategic goals or increases in productivity and performance.

The use of Information Technology is also important to strategic systems. The focus can be external and internal, aiming at competitors or internally focusing on the organization's employees, with the intent of enhancing productivity, teamwork, and communication. Kudler Foods can make use of Information Technology to create business opportunities as well. Monitoring the activities of competitors, such as pricing and performance, is a form of information gathering known as competitive intelligence. Using technological advances in computer capabilities will also allow Kudler to monitor its own sales and inventory. This keeps costs low by ensuring new products is ordered, slow moving products are not reordered, and sales trends are recognized. Internally, each Kudler store needs to be equipped with its own computer network which handles all point of service (POS) transactions, handles multiple inventory functions, maintains...