Strategic Planning

Essay by d7319 December 2004

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Strategic Planning

"You have to have a plan with a strategy!" is what my grandfather used to say

when we would play chess. This saying stuck with me for a long time and who could forget when my grandfather reminds me every time we play. I had the opportunity to work for many corporations and found they all had a strategic plan in what they hoped to accomplish for their company. Many companies had made progress through strategic planning. It is recommended to have a plan because nine times out of ten it works. However, there is always a chance that plans can change or fall through and intern are not accomplished.

Many corporations have taken most of their ideas from the military. I know this first hand because I worked for the government in The United States Marines. The structure is a well oiled machine, everything runs smoothly or at least close to it.

Effective strategic planning is the key to a great corporation. In a recent article, I found different type of companies that had to change their outlook on how they do things. The reason for this is either sales are not moving or the company is stuck and not growing. Even when things are changed, it does not always mean things will get better. So that's when companies keep trying new things through trial and error, but if your company remains on top there is no need for that change. "Reports that investors in Eastman Kodak Co. are seeking to urge the company to roll back its plans to alter its business strategy, moving away from traditional film into digital technologies. Percentage drop in share price of Kodak stock, suggesting investors are not responding positively to the decision; Members of the investor group led by...