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In our society quality plays an important role when it comes to customer satisfaction. Total Quality Management or TQM, is a set of management practicesthroughout the organization geared to ensure the organization consistently meets or exceeds customer requirements and expectations. TQM focuses on processmeasurement and control as means of continuous improvement. In this paper, I will attempt to look at the University of Maryland Medical Systems (UMMS)mission, vision, goals, and objectives as well as compare and contrast the management style at UMMS with the management style of Xerox. I will discuss andcompare the characteristics of UMMS against those of Xerox. I then will analyze how the TQM practices at Xerox could be integrated into UMMS.

University of Maryland Medical System Mission, Vision, Goals, and ObjectivesThe University of Maryland Medical System is a major, innovative teaching hospital in downtown Baltimore that provides a full range of health care to morethan 300,000 patients each year from Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region.

Founded in 1823 as the Baltimore Infirmary, UMMS serves as a regional referralcenter for the most serious and complicated health problems in adults and children. UMMS is considered to be one of the nation's oldest academic medical centers.

UMMS mission is to serve the medical needs of the people of Maryland and the region by providing tertiary care to the state and surrounding areas, providingcomprehensive care for the community and providing the primary site for health care education and research. UMMS motto "We heal, we teach, we discover... wetouch Maryland's life every day", falls right in line with their vision of being a healthcare resource for Maryland and the region, earning a national profile in patientcare, education, and research strengthened by our partnership with the School of Medicine and Nursing. Some of UMMS goals and objectives include providingquality care to...