The story is about a young man who is abusive towards his wife, and how she rebounds.

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Living In Fear

I was only 17 when it happened. I was in the last year of high school. A senior as they called it. The most popular girl in the school, and of course I was the head of the cheerleading team. I had golden blond hair that went down to the middle of my back, with dark blue eyes and full pouting lips that always were covered with the shade of raspberry wine and glistened in the sun and moonlight. My body type was that of an average fit popular teenager. I had no boyfriend, but that was purely for the popularity. Only the best could have me, and that is what happened. Kyle was head of the football team. The most popular guy in the school. He had a full head of short dark brown hair that was slightly spiked in the front, deep green eyes, and a nicely shaped face.

His body was buff and lean, and he was very athletic. Of course him and I hooked up, as we could have no less than perfect. We got along quite well, and actually fell in love by the second semester of our senior year. He was the man of my dreams, almost too perfect to be true. Of course as it happened, we were crowned king and queen at our high school prom. My gown was tight fitting at the top and then flowed out at the bottom, like the dresses princesses wear. It had cost five hundred dollars, but it didn't matter as long as I had the best dress there. It was of a beautiful mauve color with a bit of genuine black lace and silk near the neck. My boyfriend, Kyle, being as rich as he was bought us a house to...