The story of Macbeth

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Two Scottish generals, Macbeth and Banquo, while riding home after a victorious battle against an army of rebels, are met by three witches. These foretell that Macbeth shall be King of Scotland and Banqou, the father of many kings. Macbeth is strongly influenced by their words and his wife gives him so much encouragement, that he is persuadedto murder Duncan, the king of Scotland, while he is a guest at their castle. Macbeth is now the most powerful man in the kingdom, so he soon takes the throne. But he feels his position is unsure and he suspects those around him. This drives him to the murder of Banquo, whose ghost often hauntes him. For the second time Macbeth sees the witches, who now warns him against the nobleman Macduff. But never-the-less persuade him to go on by telling him that "None of woman born" can harm him and that no one will defeat him "'til Birnam Forest come to Dunsinance" Macduff has meanwhile gone to England to help in collecting an army to fight against Macbeth.

In his absence, however, his family is murdered by the order of Macbeth. Lady Macbeth, much disturbed in her mind, walks in her sleep and speaks again, her part in the crimes she has committed. She dies while a force is led by Duncan's son, Malcolm, and with English support, destroys Macbeth's castle. The King realizes that his position is desperate but, he never looses courage. Even when he finds that the witches have deceived him and is killed in hand-to-hand fighting by Macduff, who says that he was not born of woman but torn from his mother's womb. Malcolm now becomes what he was always meant to be...King of Scotland.