A story about being on hallucinogens

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Sweating, heart beating fast, and unable to stop moving my numb limbs, I lay helplessly in

the prison of my room, all hopes of sleep abandoned. 'Never again,' I told myself, 'Never again'. Well of

course, I said it then, that's what I always said when I felt like that. Pure fear struck my heart at the sound

of a bit of paper rustling from the fan. Or was it the fan? The paper seemed to be inching towards me,

like a white ghost. Turning away, I stared at the wall lining my bed. Why was the plaster so vivid? Was

that a face staring at me? Closing my eyes, I let the reality of the situation sink in, I was scared to death,

yet there was nothing here that could hurt me. I needed to snap out of it. These altered states of

consciousness were becoming more and more frequent with me, yet I still allowed them to take over my

body time and time again.

Suddenly calming down, I fell into a heap on the floor, maybe sleep would come to me after all...

I shot out of bed. Where in hell's name was I? I fumbled on the walls for a light switch. The

ground was cold and slimy, and the walls weren't much better. Squinting in the early morning brightness,

I looked around this peculiar room. It smelled of rotting tree wood, oddly shaped, and quite empty and

large, this was by far the creepiest room I had ever been in. No, creepy was an understatement. Above

the bed, which eerily enough was mine, were a pair of ratty torn curtains, which appeared to be made out

of potato sacks. The only other thing of mine was my phone sitting unplugged in the middle of the...