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Hermann Hesse’s novel Steppenwolf is a story about a man named Harry with duel personalities. He starts off as a deeply depressed individual on the verge of suicide. Then one night he meets a woman in a tavern named Hermine who would completely change his life. She reminds Harry of one of his childhood friends. She introduces him to Maria who becomes his lover and Pablo. Hermine is a reflection of one of Harry’s childhood friends named Herman witch leads the reader to believe that she is Harry’s alter personality. Maria, Harry’s lover, is a very attractive blond who brings him very much joy. Pablo is a jazz saxophonist who is a care free, joyful man. The book takes place in a generic town most likely in Germany. The time period is somewhere around the 1920’s.

There are many themes in this complex book. Duality, love, and fate just to name a few.

Duality is the most evident in the book. Harry is torn is to halves, his man half who cares about people and humanity. His other wolf half believes that humanity is lost. Also Hermine is just a part of Harry. She is imagined by Harry to help him through a tough time. Love is also very evident. Harry is very much in love with Maria. Also when he goes to the magic theater at the end of the book he goes to a different world where he gets to sleep with every woman he ever wanted. Fate also plays a big role. It just so happens that one day he notices a sign for the magic theater and the sign bearer tells him to go to the tavern where he just so happens to meet Hermine.

Hermann Hesse was born on July 2, 1877 in Württemberg...