Stanley Kubrick

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Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick was one of the most influential and brilliant movie directors of all time. Stanley Kubrick directed numerous movies that gained outstanding recognition towards the late 1900s. Kubrick enjoyed directing movies in general, so there was no specific theme which greatly intrigued him. However, towards the late 1980's, Kubrick began directing movies related to war, in particular, the Vietnam War. Kubrick became very eminent for his film, "Full Metal Jacket," which portrayed the cruelness of "man." Surprisingly enough, Kubrick never even dreamed about becoming a movie director, let alone, such an illustrious one. Kubrick's films captured the minds of the audiences and left behind a legacy that would always be remembered in the film industry.

Kubrick was born in Manhattan, New York on July 26, 1928. His parent's were Jewish immigrants of Austro-Romanian and Polish descent and held high positions in society. Furthermore, his father was a doctor, so Kubrick did not live an impoverished lifestyle as many others did at the time.

As a child, Kubrick's grades in school were below average. Kubrick was constantly at the brink of failure which made him dislike school. Kubrick stated that nothing in school particularly interested him, but he did have other hobbies which he enjoyed. For example, Kubrick's father served as an inspiration for Stanley to become interested in photography and music by buying him his very own camera. Kubrick's father taught Stanley how to play chess which encouraged Stanley to join the chess team in high school.

In high school, Kubrick continued to achieve poor grades which resulted in his sixty-seven grade point average for his first two years. However, Kubrick became involved in many extracurricular activities such as the chess club, the photography club, band, and other things. His poor education was the reason...