Standardized Tests and Blacks

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While standardized tests are designed to determine a level of cognition, a greater portion of African Americans fail to comprehend with the material. In our generation, for many reasons, it seems as though African Americans find it more difficult to score well on these types of tests. Why is this? It may be that the student is unfairly affected by racial, social, or ethical, circumstances. And in some cases it may be because the environment and character of the student. Finally, the abilities of a student of color may be questioned. But certain expectations of many organizations and the government are set to regain positive results from all students concerning education.

The implication that this topic makes is it deliberates on the affect standardized tests has on African Americans. This is an important subject that is not worth debating upon simply because it is an issue. It is an issue among many of African American students, parents, and teachers, as well as the Board of Education and the Government.

Before the law, No Child Left Behind, was enacted, education for Blacks was considered bias. This is not a statement of opinion. Although for some it may be; it will be decided among an entire population granting that majority believe this to be true. The part of the population that considered this statement false may argue that it is racially stated. It is bias in a way in which it diminished the account for more Blacks being able to withstand standardized testing requirements. Therefore, it decreases the amount of Blacks successfully passing who had attempted to do well. This causes many African Americans to question the accountability of those responsible for making sure that all is fair for each individual student of every color, race, or ethnic group.

It was because...