Staff Plan: National Guard Joint Operations Center

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This paper will suggest a staffing plan for a Joint Operations Center (simulated) at a National Guard Center that focuses on asymmetrical missions, to include mobilizations and the Transformation Campaign. The plan will include strategies that incorporate forecasting the requirements and recruiting the appropriate candidates. The Joint Operations Center is divided into six staffing sections:1.Personnel Actions (G1) Section2.Intelligence (G2) Section3.Operations/Tasking (G3) Section4.Logistics (G4) Section5.Communications/Technology (G6) Section6.Comptroller/Budgeting (G8) SectionAs each section brings a diverse perspective on accomplishing the mission, each member on the section will have a focus on one common operating picture/one goal. A diverse team is already established throughout the National Guard and selecting the right members to add to the sections will be a challenge.

The Asymmetrical MissionTo better support the staffing plan, the organization must understand the mission it needs to accomplish; therefore, must protect its vast industries. The National Guard plays a pivotal role in America's homeland security.

The American economy is both immense and diverse featuring many of its critical economic capabilities; from oil refining, international trade, and the booming technology industry. With several Southwestern states aligned at the Mexican border; border security, immigration, and drug smuggling are key challenges. The weather also presents distinct challenges for the National Guard. Every state is seasonally different and subjected to wild fires, floods, tornadoes, and anticipated with hurricanes. As Hurricanes Katrina and Rita illustrated in 2005, the National Guard will most likely play a large role in other civil support missions. Therefore, the local strategic environment requires the National Guard to adopt specialized approaches to mobilizing its support and transform to meet not only the needs of the nation but also abroad.

As there is no evidence of slowing mobilizations toward Iraq and Afghanistan any time soon, the National Guard...