St. Joseph: about a saint who was the father of Jesus and who was chosen to take care of him because he was the son of God.

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Saint Joseph,

Foster Father of Jesus

Saint Joseph:

Husband of Mary, Foster Father of Jesus,

Feast Day: March 19, May 1

Patron of: the Universal Church, Belgium, Canada, fathers, the poor and craftsmen.

Symbol of: Infant Jesus, monstrance, chalice,cross, lamb, Bible, ladder, tools, dove, lily, rod, plane,carpenter's square

Saint Joseph was chosen by God to be Jesus's father on earth. God knew that Jesus would need a foster father to raise him and teach him. The Bible tells us that he was a 'just man' which meant that he was a good, honest, fair, and God-loving man. He always took the word of god inti his soul and understood what God was trying to tell him. By absorving it into him he encouraged other people to do the same and open their hearts to listen to others, respect them, and get along.

Saint Joseph was a man of great spirit who was known as "just man," because he carried out what God had told him to do and accepted his advice into his heart.

All his life Saint Josephlived by his faith. Everytime he spoke his own words, listened to God and others in silence and politeness, and always helped other people. He helped build homes for the poor, supported families with protection, and was a patron of many countries. With his heroic faith he was chosen to be a patron of a Universal Church.

Both Mary and Joseph living in Nazareth were visited by angels. It all started with a dream. An angel came to Mary and told her that she would be the Mother of God. When Joseph found about this he wondered what to do. After a while an angel came to him in a dream too and told him not to worry. He said that...