Spring Pools, by Robert Frost.

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This poem deals with a vain attempt to turn back the clock. Seeing a scene of beauty in a winter forest, the poet is dismayed that spring, which will soon arrive, will change the scenery. What strikes the poet most particularly are the reflections within small pools on the forest floor that are present, because of the melting snow. It won’t be long be long before these pools disappear. The ground will absorb them to accommodate for the coming season which is one of awakening; one of growth and one of new beginning.

A reflection almost without blemish is given by these pools. This is due to the fact no leaves are on the trees in the forest at this time of year. Therefore, these pools “…reflect the total sky almost without defect”. We are immediately told of the fate of the pools due to the requirements of nature “will soon be gone… up by the roots to bring dark foliage on.”

Frost would like things to stop happening. The process of change is one that punishes him as it will bring around the disappearance of this beautiful winter spectacle. Frost calls out to nature to slow down its changing methods in order that he can savour the moments of beauty which he experiences. Because they are temporary, signifying the change of one season into another it is the brevity in the life span of these spectacular puddles which on these occasions Frost puts pen to paper.

He asks nature to stand back and admire its own work, fully convinced that if this were possible this moments would go on for days due to its beauty “the trees that have it in their pent up buds to darken nature and be summer woods, let them think twice before they...