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Once upon a time, there was a butterfly. However, it was not a common butterfly, it was a magic butterfly. One day he thought it would be nice to fly around. Then he met the letter A. The A was yellow, but the butterfly didn't like it, and so the butterfly changed the yellow A into a red A. Then he flew on. Then he came across a green B. The butterfly did not like that either and changed the green B to a purple B. And so it went, until the butterfly had been round the whole alphabet. Then he was tired and when he got home, he fell asleep at once. In the middle of the night, the whole alphabet came to the butterfly's house. "Why have you changed our colors!" they shouted angrily. "All right, I will put your colors back, the butterfly said." The end.

That was an exert out of the book “the hidden sense”, by Cretien van Campen.

It was written by a 7 year old girl who has synesthesia, and this was how she understood it.

And Emely dickson undstood it as this. In her poem “A Route of Evanescence”“A Route of Evanescence, With a revolving Wheel, A Resonance of Emerald, A Rush of Cochineal.”but what do these stories and poems really mean? Have you ever seen green music? Or heard something that was the color scarlet? This probly sounds crazy but to some people its everyday. They have what is known as Synesthesia a rare type of sensory processing. Synthesthesia comes from the two greek works “syn” meaning union and “anasias” meaning sensation. So it litarlly translates into the union of senses.

People who have synthesthesia can actually experience two perseptions when only one is intially triggerd. Now most of you...