A speech made by Liz Murray to the Million Dollar Round Table Organization.

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What is this project about? This project is an analysis of a speech, a speech made by Liz Murray to the Million Dollar Round Table Organization.

Her speech was about her exceptionally hard childhood but more importantly it is about how she used every negative part of her life as a reason to excel.

The central theme of her speech is looking inside your self and tapping into that concealed that dormant potential which we all have, and using it to achieve greatness.

Ms Liz Murray was born into a family of drug addicted parents, parents who loved her very much but their addictions were just too great to overcome. She was forced to leave home and basically grow up on the streets but in the end her passion and desire for a better life insured that she got what she justly deserved.

After hearing her story it made a tremendous impact on all the members of my group.

It made us realize that nothing is invincible; no obstacle can stop us for achieving our goals once we are willing to toil and sweat to overcome it.

Ms Murray Introduction

She appealed to the audience and gained there trust immediately by confessing that she never talked to such a big crowd and that it led her to become a little nervous. If this statement was planned or just a spur of the moment thing it worked beautifully for her.

You see by confessing what she was feeling she gained the audience trust and trust if a very important factor in her speech, since her speech was driven by emotions, trusting what she said that she felt would be very important to the audience since this would make them share her feeling.

Her introduction on the whole was an outlined,