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We have been listening to stories about drugs since we were born. We also learned about what kind of drugs exist and how dangerous they are. The word drug has always been a synonym for something forbidden and uncommon. However, years passed and cultures changed. Nowadays, the way of life and thinking look completely different. We cannot follow the development of drugs anymore, and the word drug is something normal and very common, especially among youngsters. If we take this under a microscope, we can see that drugs nowadays became somewhat trendy. How many teenagers smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol? How many teenagers smoke marihuana and do hard drugs like heroin? How many young people die because of drugs? How many times we hear that somebody was taken to a hospital from a big Rave party? Dance drugs, all kind of pills, heroin, crack, cocaine, marihuana, and so forth are all flooding the market, and we cannot control this.

In this essay, I will explain why taking drugs became trendy and what causes more and more teenagers to do drugs.

Statistics shows that drug use has really increased amongst youngsters. In 2001, 34.5 % twelve year old and older teenagers tried marihuana, but in 2002 this number increased to 37 %. In 2001, 1.2 % of teenagers of the same age group tried heroin, and this number also increased to 1.5 % in 2002. These numbers show that more and more youngsters are becoming addicted to drugs. (Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2003, pg. 136)

Let's first discuss doing soft drugs. When kids go to Elementary school, they start observing what is happening around them. They are curious, and they like taking risks, so these traits lead them to want to try as many things as possible.