Specific Heat Capacity

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Specific Heat Capacity

Aim: To determine the specific heat capacity for an unknown metal.

Apparatus/Material: Water,

Hot plate,






Glass rod.

Procedure: (1) Mass of metal was recorded,

(2) Metal was attached to wire and glass rod,

(3) Metal was then suspended in beaker for fifteen minutes with boiling water,

(4) Metal was removed after the fifteen minutes and placed in cup with water, the mass of the water and temperature of the water was recorded before the metal was placed in it,

(5) The highest temperature the water rose to will the metal was in it was recorded,

Results: Initial temperature of water = 305.5K

Final temperature of water = 373K

Mass of water = 175g

Mass of metal = 100g

Specific heat capacity of metal = 163.3 J Kg?¹K ?¹

Calculations: MC?? of Metal = MC?? of water

100g X C X (373K-305.5K)

= 175g X 4200JKG ?¹ X (305.5- 304K)

100g X C X 67.5K = 175g X 4200JK ?¹ X 1.5K

6750C = 1102500

C = 1102500/6750

C = 163.33JKG ?¹

Precautions: (1) Cup was wrapped in tissue to help insulated better.

(2) Metal block was dry when it was moved from its first medium to its second medium to prevent contamination of the second medium from warmer water of the first medium,

(3) Transfer of metal from medium 1 to medium 2 was as fast as possible to prevent heat lose,

(4)All reading from the thermometer was recorder at eye level.

Conclusion: The specific heat capacity of the metal is 163.33JKG ?¹; the nearest metal of that specific heat capacity I could find was brass.