Spartacus- Movie Review WITH SOME EXTRAS

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Although Spartacus is a movie there is historical truth behind it. The story is about a slave who was trained to become a gladiator along with other slaves. Unfortunately for the Romans, he had become too good of a fighter. He was one of the best fighters amongst the gladiators. Soon enough he becomes the leader figure of the gladiators and leads them through a rebellion where the whole course of the movie shifts. The slaves had escaped and are heading for the sea so they can return home, on their way they gather any other slaves that would like to get out of Roman control. For the first time power had been in the hands of the roman slaves, and this frightened the rulers. During their journey they have Roman legion encounters.

Spartacus is the main character of the movie. He has been a slave his entire life, but he knows that there's more to life than being under lock and key.

Not only does he possess the physical strength to rebel against many but a mental strength. This mental strength is what will bring him to become the leader of the escaped slaves. He leads a revolt in the slave quarters which is followed by their escape. They intend on heading towards southern Italy, so they can flee the country and return to their homes. The Roman senators have other plans and in the end Spartacus is crucified with all of the other captured people.

The acting in the movie was pretty good, nothing special. Honestly I feel the only person who did an excellent acting job was Kirk Douglas as Spartacus. He really personified a strong gladiator slave who was far more intelligent and capable than anyone had suspected. I didn't feel the battle scenes...