Something quite not right.

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Something quite not right

The sky was a dusky inky blue with a thick molten pink strip running across it. The air was cold and clean but still deep with the reminder of last night's heavy rain. Frozen wispy green blades of grass and sweet honey smelling flowers kissed her with their sweetness as she walked past. Everything looked as if it had changed and that brought an overwhelming sense of peace through her. It had been a long time - far too long. Still the hopelessly tight feeling in her stomach escaped her.

She walked on and a light feeling closed in on her. For where there was beauty she could see and breathe. Not far from her she spotted a heavy grey bruised looking bench where three children sat. A smile flickered across her face. She adored children, they possessed a sweet kind of innocence that most adults didn't have.

She headed their way.

There were two young boys and a girl. They might have been siblings for they were all fair-haired, with thick smooth hair, bright shiny eyes and healthy red cheeks. They were deep in conversation with their soft childish laughter filling the air with friendliness. She approached them but they appeared not to have noticed her.

'Hello' she said gently.

The older boy looked up coolly and seemed to stare straight through her. He looked around him and then straight past her again. Her heart clenched. Something was wrong. The boy shook his floppy hair. Couldn't he see her? Didn't he hear her?

'I thought I heard something' was his laughter filled answer to her unspoken question. The smaller boy giggled and the girl laughed in her delicately brittle voice. They resumed to their conversation.

Her heart lurched painfully and a sick feeling travelled...