Sociology assignment on primary and secondary groups

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Part A

A primary group is basically those who really get to see who you are and what you are about. With a primary group the people involved get to see many sides of you and more personal things about you are exposed. Examples of a primary group would be your family, close friends, peer groups, neighborhood circles, social clubs, and other things such as those. Another thing about primary groups is that the relationships in these groups are usually long lasting. With a secondary group, those are the people who only know just very basic things about you. The relationships are very practical and simple and little personal information is shared. These relationships are short termed usually, just there to focus on the goal at hand. An example of this is secretary and boss, student and teacher, or senator and constituents.

Some experience I have had in primary groups would be of course, my first primary group I was introduced to, my family.

My family and I are generally very close and they know almost everything about me. If there is one source you want to go to other than me to find out about me, it would be my family. My family has influenced many different aspects of my life. For one they formed my morals and the main way I see the world. Although, there are some things I like to see differently than my family, there is a general outline of their beliefs weaved in with my own. My family had laid down the basis of who I am today. The choices I make are a lot because of the influence my family has had on the development of my morals and ideas.

Another primary group is my friends. I don't have a wide...