Social Engineering

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Since the beginning of time, society has looked upon the social norms as a foundation for the way we live. There are crimes that are not deemed illegal, but in the eyes of society it is a wrong against society to do certain things. In any society there are certain ways to live that are acceptable, and then there are ways that are not. These ways are called social norms, which refers to the proper way to assert ones self in society, and if these norms are not followed then one could be looked at as not properly raised or lack of socialization in society. Social norms are defined as "unwritten rules that underlie and are inherent in the fabric of society" (Schmalleger, 2002, pg. 4). Social engineering has set a foundation for the way society runs, or the way society should portray itself.

In some countries certain behavior is acceptable, which would be their own social norms and mores.

For instance in Middle Eastern countries, marriage to more than one husband or wife is acceptable. In the United States it is considered unnatural and a violation of marital vows and bigamy is an illegal act. According to Schmalleger (2002), "mores, on the other hand, are rules that govern serious violations of the social code, including what social scientists call "taboos" (pg. 4). Taboos refer to certain words, sayings, or even actions that are looked upon as deviant behaviors. Even though majority of social norms and mores are not illegal, they are still considered violations against society.

Social engineering has given us our criminal laws from what society has believed to be wrongs against moral and ethical beliefs. Social engineering has given the justice system a foundation to create punishments for certain behaviors. Even though some norms are not...