What is so significant about the impact that Google is having on the US culture:

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More than a search engine less than a G-d, Google gained a cultural significance in a time of a flashlight. No other brand has achieved such a global recognition faster than Google. The key of its success is the simplicity of the google web page, which consists of a single inviting search box mostly surrounded by white space, and which has set new trends in web page designing and set simplicity a fashion. More than a simple web page, Google is a combination of several applications that have revolutionized people's life by the simple use of search function giving away all of the world's information at no charges. "Searching is merely a means to an end, a way to satisfy an underlying goal that the user is trying to achieve: people are searching for more answer." People's queries enable the most powerful and accessible information tool to create a database of desire, permitting Google to know perfectly what our culture wants, which obviously poses privacy issues; but above this less important dilemma, it allows Google to make business transactions by capturing customers while they are googling.

a. Google searchWithin a few short years, Gооglе has become the central search engine in the United States. Google's ability to produce speedy and relevant responses to queries has changed the way people find information and stay up to date. To Google means to search, it has become a verb in English. It is interesting to note that Gооglе is fighting in the courts to keep its name out of the dictionary, as Xerox fights to keep its name from being used as an equivalent to photocopying. Google was designed to be simple to use and fast to respond with quality results for any types of query. Ease of use and speedy relevant results...