"Slaughterhouse 5" by Kurt Vonnegut.

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World War II has been explored in many books and films, which offer a broad number of views on the war. One book that does this is Slaughterhouse 5, which was written by Kurt Vonnegut. The book is about a P.O.W. named Billy Pilgrim and the way he keeps his sanity during his imprisonment. He leaves reality and visits people, places and things whenever and wherever he wants. Great historical events like the bombing of Dresden had no effect because of was not present, he was in a fantasy world. The strategic bombing campaigns throughout the war in Europe during 1943-1945 were one of the ways the U.S. helped win the war. Strategic bombing was used during both World Wars and was seen as a great tool of battle. The traditional tactical bombing was used to take out troop formations and equipment mainly to help win the current battle.

Strategic bombing was used to destroy factories, railroads, communications and oil so the enemy was paralyzed. This method of bombing was used to destroy the nations economy making them unable to attack. During WWII almost every major bombing of cities was done strategically. The Battle of Britain along with Liverpool, Bristol, and London were strategically bombed to hopefully cripple the Allied forces. This method of bombing though very effective was highly criticized. Military leader sand politicians thought that it was necessary to winning a war and supported the method. However because these structures weren't military run and usually in highly populated cities civilian casualties were high. The city Dresden was one of the cities destroyed by strategic bombing. This German city had not been harmed throughout the entire war because it was of no military importance. Their were thousands refugees that were being brought to the city because the Soviet...