Singing Phonetically.

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People have been singing as a form of entertainment for thousands of years. They have done this by singing to a baby in order to put him to sleep and have even done this as a form of making money. Everybody can remember one time or another when they have sung a song. Whether it be by a campfire, in the shower or while listening to a song you like on the radio. Singing is a part of almost everyone's daily life and has become a very import industry because of that. People all over the world have their own form of singing. How can English speaking North Americans enjoy and understand that sounds from Mandarin China? It has been an advantage for people who speak many languages because they have access to more of the musical market then people who can only speak one language. What could the other people who have not had the chance to learn more then one language do? For starters they can begin by learning the song phonetically.

Who would want to learn this technique and why would anyone want to learn this way of singing? Jeff Buckley has been one person who learned this way of singing and managed to capture the essence of the French language and pass on its poetic marvel to hundreds of thousands of fans across the world.

People can learn to sing phonetically and it can fool the best of us into thinking that the person actually knows the language. How do they accomplish this task? Some people attend schools that teach them how to pronounce words in other languages without them actually learning the language. The San Jose Taiko is such a place. Although they do not teach modern forms of music, they teach and the students...