Should women be drafted into war?

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Women's equality is a major issue in today's world. This is not a new topic though; women have been fighting for equal rights and treatment for years. But the real question is - can females handle being treated exactly like males? This heated debate often brings touchy subjects to the table, many of which include the military draft.

Yes, women want to be treated as equals. But I wonder if the current generation even really understands what that means. Two hundred years ago women couldn't vote, couldn't own property, and many times were seen as the property of their fathers, brothers, and husbands. We women now have, more or less, achieved equality with men as far as rights. But equality has been confused with uniformity. Women are not men. We are psychologically and physically different.

Those differences make some women unsuited to be soldiers. There are those women who are as fit as any man and able to handle the psychological pressures of battle.

I am not one of those women. I would fight to the death to protect my family and loved ones. But I would never be the same after taking a life, no matter how just the cause.

While the jobs given to males and females are different, when arguing about equality, is it said that the recruitment process for drafting should be the same for both genders. Generally women in the military serve as contract workers, nurses, dietitians, typists, clerks, drivers, communicational specialists, and other kinds of jobs that don't involve frontline combat or Special Forces positions.

Is it fair that conscription is equal, but the positions assigned after are different? That does not seem equal to me. Even more, some women who have been fighting for women's rights do not want drafting to be equal...