"Should the United States maintain the Embargo on Cuba" Pros and cons for maintaining the embargo against Cuba. Topics include: Cold War, bay of pigs, cuban missile crisis, Cuban-US relations

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Should the United States maintain the Embargo on Cuba


Thesis: now that the Soviet Union has dissolved, and most communist governments replaced, should the economic embargo against Cuba continue.

I. Introduction

A. Strained relations from the beginning

1. Recognition of the new Cuban government

2. Cuban move to a one party Marxist-Leninist government

3. The economic embargo

B. The Cold War

1. Soviet relationship

2. Bay of Pigs

3. Cuban Missile Crisis

4. Soviet surrogate

C. Current Cuban and United States relations

1. Clinton administration

2. Bush administration

II. Should the United States lift the economic embargo (Yes)

A. Immoral act by the United States

1. Cuban property

2. Soviet withdrawal

3. Human suffering

III. Should the United States lift the economic embargo (No)

A. Democratic reforms

B. Economic reforms

C. Cuba and United States national security

IV. Personal position

A. Tightening of restrictions

B. Cuban people lose

V. Conclusion

Should the United States Maintain the embargo against Cuba

Fidel Castro seized control of the Cuban government in 1959, and set out to change relations with the United States. As relations declined with the United States, the Cuban government developed stronger ties with the Soviet Union, and became a communist country. In response to this intent, the United States placed an economic embargo on Cuba and later ended all diplomatic relations with the Cuban government. Now that the Soviet Union has dissolved and left Cuba on its own, should the economic embargo continue.

Fidel Castro's revolutionary forces overthrow the military dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista on January 1, 1959. The United States recognized the new government on January 7, 1959. Terrence Cannon (109) explains, "There is no mystery about what happened between the United States and the Cuban Revolution. The morning Batista fled, two forces came into a head-on conflict:...