Should private schools obligate students to wear uniforms?

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Since we can remember, private schools have obligated their students to wear uniforms. An on going debate continues regarding a uniform policy suggested to public and private schools. Nowadays, in most private schools, a uniform is indeed mandatory. The question that must be asked is; should private schools obligate students to wear uniforms? his develops into a controversial issue because every individual's opinions differ, and judging if students should indeed wear uniforms is a difficult case. The uniform has many advantages as it has disadvantages.

Students in school go through a period of finding their true identity, usually throughout high school. The people against the law of uniforms argue that the children cannot express their true identities. Having the opportunity to dress a certain way lets the students have freedom, lets them be comfortable in their skins and gives them a sense of maturity. They fight in saying that children should develop a creative mind and become who they truly want to be.

On the other hand, as declared by individuals for the process of uniforms, school uniforms can create a sense of togetherness in a school building. Students dress the same way and therefore, a school spirit is enhanced; something different rather than expressing with clothes. The private school is intended to have a common feeling expressed by the students instead of creating differences between individuals.

In school many violent cases may occur. Opponents argue that by mandating uniforms, gang members and violent characters are masked within the school population, with no

sign whatsoever to alert school staff. Furthermore, when students dress as they want, parents can have an idea of the life changes throughout the child's life, or certain personality changes. However, uniforms are essential for the equality of every student in the schools. Private schools...