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The first thing that pop up in peoples mind, when Ireland is mentioned, is the Troubles. I have chosen to have a closer look on the country's flag, what it symbolise, its story and its relations to the Troubles:

Article 7 of the Constitution of Ireland states says that "The National Flag is the Tricolour of Green, White and Orange."

It's a symbol of the conflict, it symbolise the diverse people of Ireland. The green is a symbol of the ancient Ireland (Emerald Isle) and of course the previous (unofficial) flag which was a symbol for the Irish nationalism from 1798 until the start of the twentieth century. The protestants are represented by the orange colour, this colour has represented them since the battle of Boyne in 1690 where William of Orange defeated James the second. Obviously it wasn't to honour this defeat that the colour was chosen, but instead in recognition of the protestant "minority" in Ireland.

The white part of the flag symbolise the hope of peace between the two groups.

( "first" Irish flag (1798) ) (the Irish Flag)

The flags origin:

The flag should have been a gift from some French Revolutionaries in 1848, who sent it to the Irish Nationalist; Thomas Francis Meagher was a member of the militant revolutionary group "Young Ireland" and very inspired by the French Revolutionaries. Thomas Meagher was judged for treason against the English and therefore send to Australia for the rest of his life. He later fled to America.


"The white in the centre signifies a lasting truce between the Orange and

the Green, and I trust that, beneath its folds, the hands of the Irish

Protestant and the Irish Catholic may be clasped in generous and heroic


In 1916 almost 7 decades later, the flag finally...