A short, brief biography about Leslie Randall, a young entrepreneur from Pennsylvania who owns her own shop. This essay is called "Watch your back, Bill Gates!"

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GEORGETOWN, PA - Meet Leslie Randall, from Georgetown, PA. Leslie is only 17, but already she's done more that some people have accomplished in an entire lifetime. Leslie Randall is her own boss. Leslie Randall claims jokingly, "I get the spirit of entrepreneurship from my Dad's side of the family."

Leslie Randall has been a sports enthusiast ever since she could run. "I found myself thinking, you see so many boutiques and what not for the girly-girls, so why shouldn't sporty girls have some?" Leslie explains. Leslie's Mother, Alexandria, says, "I still find it amazing that my daughter owns her own store. If I ever get fired from my job, however doubtful it maybe, I could always go work for my daughter. Role reversal," she laughs.

Leslie Randall opened up Leslie's Xpresly Sportswear about a year ago in her hometown of Georgetown. Leslie Randall has had a lot of business from family and friends.

"It's amazing what happened when some of my family found out! My auntie from Canada came down just to see my stuff, help out and buy things. Yeah, it was pretty cool, and it made me feel so special when I received all that support from my family and friends," Leslie says.

Today, Leslie's Xpresly Sportswear is the most successful business in Georgetown. She was hailed in People magazine as 'Teen of the year' in their November issue of 2002. "It's so nice for Leslie to be receiving this sort of recognition," Arthur Randall, Leslie's Dad says. When asked if Leslie being featured in Time magazine as 'Teen of the year' has boosted business, Arthur Randall replies, "You better believe it!"

Leslie Randall received the money to start her business from a bank's loan. Leslie had saved up several thousand dollars already, but was just...