Short Book Report of Frankenstein (the Book) by Mary Shelly

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While Robert Walden, an explorer, was going to the North Pole, he was totally surrounded by ice. He saw a man, Victor Frankenstein, who was in bad shape and took him aboard. Victor told him his life story.

Frankenstein grew up in Geneva, Switzerland. His only friend was Henry Clervel. When Victor was 19 he became interested in science. He went to Ingolstadt, Germany to go to a university. At the university he quickly became obsessed with science. He created an eight-foot monster with body parts from graveyards. However, when the monster awoke Victor knew he had made a mistake. He left the lab and on the next day when he came back the monster was gone. Victor was then sick for next several months to come and was helped by Henry Clervel. The day before he left to go back to his home he received a letter stating that his youngest brother had died.

During his trip, he sees the monster and instantaneously realizes that it had killed his brother. He didn't tell his family because he knew that they would think he was crazy. He got home and found out that Justine, a good friend of the family, was charged with the murder. She is found guilty and Frankenstein feels terrible. He couldn't stay in the house, so he started to wander in the Alpine Valley. There he meets his monster. The monster tells him what had happened in his life, and why he killed Frankenstein's brother. The monster also tells him that he wants Victor to create a woman for him. If Victor were to meet up with his half of the deal, the monster and his companion would leave the humans alone and live in the wild. Frankenstein felt sorry for the monster...